Brazilian by birth, of the world by choice. Karolina already lived in different places in her home country before taking off to the European continent where she lived in Porto, Milan and is currently based in London.


During her Fashion Design BA studies in Brazil she joined the fashion industry, being part of the organisation of different events like the Rio Fashion Week and Quadrilátero do Charme de Ipanema-Vogue Rio. Consiliating with them, Karolina worked as assistant designer in accessory line at A.brand. Later already in Lusitania lands as woman wear designer for the golf premium brand Golfino and as marketing and branding coordinator for the Italian brand Esme Vie in Milan after completing her Fashion Business MA.


In London she had the opportunity to work in a established creative studio producing content for different clients and currently work for the biggest european department store, Harrods as Online Stylist.


Karolina is and has always been interested in the bigger picture: the weather, the location, the culture, and most importantly how people will interact with the images produced by their connections with clothing and communication that it promotes.


content creator by profession, content lover for fitness.


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